Anyone had success with TikTok Ecom?

Forum White Hat SEO PPC Anyone had success with TikTok Ecom?

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    Looking into moving into the paid space here. We do beauty products in the range of $50-150 price. Anyone fine direct sales over TikTok ?


    We have the most luck with using Tok influencers and then only using their ads for remarketing.


    Remindme! 3 days


    TikToks ad platform is a joke. Attribution is wildly inaccurate. Pixel is a v1 beta pixel with little data gathering capabilities with no roadmap for improvement. Their ‘algo’ dumps budgets at 1am and 11pm, and no performance in between. Can’t say enough bad things. From what I’ve heard, not even their internal teams believe in it.


    Yes check Scott Needham sold $350M through tiktok


    I’m thinking that most tik tok users would be young, many without credit cards…


    We don’t run TikTok Ads for our clients but a few clients that are using it says it’s amazing in terms of ROI.


    I’ve had good results with tik tok when the damn bids aren’t fluctuating from $5 then to $80. I have my bid set at $17 so when the bid is near that my ads deliver and I get sales. When it goes up to $80 which is absolutely f*cking ridiculous my ads don’t deliver. Tik tok still has alot of work to do to fix their platform but it will definitely be a great platform to advertise on in the near future depending on your niche ofcourse.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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