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    Hi SEO friends,

    Just wanted to get a view on how your SEO roles are split out

    I was originally employed in just an SEO position, but over the last year I’ve had lots of different roles pushed on to me.

    So now I manage:

    * SEO for 10 websites
    * PPC for 5 accounts
    * WordPress web management and small dev projects for 10 websites
    * Email scheduling and testing for 10 clients
    * Email database management for 10 clients

    I’m finding I barely have any time to concentrate on anything for any good amount of time as I’m just jumping from one thing to another all the time. Like spinning plates!

    I see a lot of people’s roles are just SEO, sometimes for even 1 brand (if it’s in house).

    So I just wanted to get a feel if my situation is in any way normal?


    You situation is neither normal nor good. Nothing good can come out of ha doing that many different things.

    You either need to learn how to stand up for yourself or quit.

    No one will ever get respect and recognition for doing many things. Respect and recognition comes from doing things well.

    Get yourself out of that situation. Good luck!


    That’s way too much. Both email and SEO are extremely complicated and vastly different.

    By PPC, do you mean doing search? Or do they have you running Facebook/Quora, native, display, or push campaigns? It’s reasonable to do both search PPC and SEO but anything outside of that is too much.


    You could do the same thing at your own business making more money. Congrats on your boss training you to own your own marketing firm!

    Seriously though, if you know front-end, SEO, PPC and Email, you can 100% run your own show. Doing that without the proper profit is letting yourself get taken advantage of.


    You’re a digital marketing manager. Not an SEO manager. You’re likely underpaid by about $30k.


    This isn’t normal. There is often overlap between SEO and PPC clients that strategists will sometimes manage, but the email marketing and web dev stuff should be someone else’s responsibility.

    If you like your team and want to stick around, ask for a raise and outline everything like you did here. You should get a 10% raise at minimum. If they scoff at that, I would update your resume and start applying to places ASAP.

    You’re being taken advantage of and it won’t stop unless you push for a different financial position. I’ve been in a similar boat and just sort of gritted my teeth hoping everything I did would be recognized and rewarded, but nothing happened. You can be making A LOT more money somewhere else if you know where and how to strategically search for opportunities.


    Sounds like my old job!

    I did everything. We were called “strategists” though. But like other people have said. You’re likely underpaid for this (I was). You’re likely being taken advantage of (I was) but you have an opportunity to get good at all these things.

    Being in a position like you have had bigger growth potential than being pigeon holed into just SEO. You can add sales to this and start your own business or jump ship and start climbing the ranks and salary ladder.

    This is a blessing in disguise if you love marketing and want to grow in the career.


    I am in a similar situation. I work for a small agency and am a content manager and -strategist but that means I do all the writing (with some help from freelancers).

    ad copy, email copy, eBook copy, blogs + SEO, newsletter content, social media scheduling

    It’s a great way to get a lot of experiences but I don’t think it is sustainable long term. I don’t think it is uncommon – but just depends if you enjoy it.


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    It seems you are an Indian.

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