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    A flooring company has asked me to take over their Google ads.

    Whilst I’m competent enough with service based companies that operate primarily online, I don’t have any experience with physical stores. How can I properly attribute sales to their Google Ads campaign?

    Previously they’ve been trying to gather foot traffic. I think their goal should be to acquire consultations from a dedicated landing page, this would help us better track our advertising efforts. Do you guys have any thoughts?

    Any pointers would be appreciated.



    I think ads also tries to attribute store visits to campaigns. You should be able to find some columns for this.

    We are also starting to look into a way to measure these for our high-end products, as obviously people are less inclined to buy 2000$+ products online.


    I would suggest geo-targetting around the brick and mortar location, and bidding very aggressively in that area. Another good thing to do is if there are competitor stores locally exclude their physical location from the campaigns, to prevent competitors clicking your ads!


    It’s all phone calls and store visits.

    I’d suggest you install call tracking via call rail.

    Store visits tracking require consistent spend and location extensions via Google my business connections.

    After that it’s any kind of softer KPIs up the funnel. Do they have chart? Ecommerce? If not ecommerce can people create shopping lists and add to cart? If so that’s trackable.

    If it’s more lead Gen then you’re right and an appointment is probably the next step up.

    And overall it depends on budget, if there are larger competitors they will squeeze market share but if you’re the middle to larger size organization you can buy competitor branded keywords for conquest.


    Look into a voucher to offer on your landing page that can be redeemed in store like a coupon.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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