Any Facebook Media Buyer here who works using Samsung Galaxy Tab S7+?

Forum White Hat SEO PPC Any Facebook Media Buyer here who works using Samsung Galaxy Tab S7+?

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    Hi all! So today I bought Tab S7+ and my work is Facebook Ads Media Buyer. Wanna know if any one had the solution for the scrolls inside the Facebook Ads Manager?

    When accessing Facebook Ads Manager through any browser… whenever I scroll in any direction, nothing happens. And its actually triggering the default gestures on the browser, such as page refresh when swiping down.

    Its not scrolling vertically and horizontally for me- using the mouse trackpad, touch(I tried using two fingers, one finger on touch.), or S Pen. With google sheets the vertical and horizontal scrolls work well. I tried all possible browsers but I figured its because most of them are on mobile interface, and Facebook Ads Manager doesn’t simply work on those(even though with Force Desktop site settings on)

    I’m kind of desperate now and badly needed help, as I bought my S7+ with the impression of I’ll be able to work on it conveniently. But turns out there’s still a big limitation, which is a wrong on my part because I expected too much.

    Thanks in advance, stay safe everyone!


    Why would you buy a tablet for work if you work with Ads ???

    A low level office type laptop with no dedicated gpu would probably be cheaper and more useful.


    There’s a mobile app for Facebook Ads. It should work fine for FB ads at least, most websites are not compatible with mobile gestures unfortunately 🙁


    Mobile Devices (That includes Tabs) in General are TERRIBLE for Ads Manager work. I bought an Ipad thinking I could manage campaigns was the go. It turned out to be a great purchase but I didn’t get to do the thing I bought it for.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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