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    **I’m a beginner at SEO.**

    I wrote a blog post for my client and am almost ready to publish…

    I’m learning from Brian Dean and other SEO experts advice who say you should **use related keywords in your H2s as subheaders.**

    **But… my SEO software (GDoc SEO Assistant) is saying there are 2 problems:**

    1. “Your content maybe over optimized, keep it in the green zone.” (even though my keyword density is 2.79%)
    2. “Reduce the amount of keywords in H2 and H3 tags. Using too many keywords in H2 and H3 tags may be treated as unnatural optimization.”

    I won’t say what my keyword is, but here’s an example of the H2s I’m using relative to the keyword:

    Juicy Green Pickles (not the actual keyword – just an example)

    Free Juicy Green Pickles (25 Varieties)

    Large Juicy Green Pickles
    Contemporary Juicy Green Pickles
    Juicy Green Pickles for The Living Room
    Juicy Green Pickles for The Bedroom
    Juicy Green Pickles for The Bedroom
    Juicy Green Pickles for Kids
    Don’t Forget Your Free Crunchy Pickles

    **If it helps add some context…**

    This is a blog on an ecommerce site. The blog post offers a free resource as a lead magnet (which is highlighted for the first 25% of the blog post). Then, I transition into our products for the rest of the blog. So each of the H2s focus on products from our store (except for the final H2 which reminds readers of the free resource).

    **So… having said all that… Am I keyword stuffing with these H2s?**

    I’m wondering if it’s because the exact keyword is apart of most H2s… Even though they’re relevant and Ahrefs and SEMrush show them as related LSI keywords.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you!


    In my opinion…. Turn that software off and use the knowledge you’re gaining and see how it ranks…

    That does not sound at all like your keyword stuffing and I call b******* I think having your keywords in your headings helps whether some people think it’s unnatural or not.

    Many people and software applications throughout SEO tell you to follow the rules in order to lend themselves credibility when they don’t actually understand what ranks.

    It’s also hard to teach the nuance with those tools so instead of getting a bunch of emails from people who get hit with penalties you can just set the settings really safe….imo.

    Are you doing any keyword research before you write the article?

    It sounds like you probably are but if not make sure you know what you’re writing the article about don’t just write an article about something in your head find the keyword you want to Target…. Again I have seen SEO “experts” preach the opposite of this.

    These guys were much more successful than me so I guess take what I’m saying with a grain of salt but definitely don’t listen to them 😂.

    I have been out of the game for 2 years so my three projects are all under a week old… I doubt things have changed since then… Last time I tested it I actually had really good results keyword stuffing..

    I kept pushing it until my page got hit with some sort of penalty but it sounds like you are well under anything you would have to worry about.

    For anyone curious I pushed it in interesting ways..

    Mine was a construction website that was very niche and focused. ..

    I started creating test pages for a completely different product and a whole different industry that were not linked to anything but my site map and was able to rank top of Google same day for a bunch of stuff temporarily haha.

    Nobody completely understands Google and the best way to get real knowledge yourself is testing it out.


    First advice – ditch learning from all the Dean’s and Patel’s. They are not SEOs, they are salespeople. Better to study Reddit and SEO forums and ask questions as you work and get stuck.

    So, are you trying to rank for English or Foreign SERPs? That makes a big difference in whether this kind of optimization is ok or not.

    Also, why don’t you make separate articles highlighting products in each category but want to stuff them all into one?


    When I write, I aim for half to 2/3 of my H2s/H3s to have the exact KW. In your example, all of your H2s have your KW except the last one. I’d want to vary up the H2s a little. Some shouldn’t have any KW, some should have related KWs or alternate KWs, for example,

    Moist green pickles for the bedroom


    Green pickles in brine for the living room


    Write for people not software

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