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    Hi all, PPC newb here. I’m a part of a small printing company that has a few daughter businesses that we’re trying to get up and running. I’ve been put in charge of the online marketing, with focus on SEO and Social Media at the moment. Just as a note, I’ve created a separate FB account purely for posting on the 4 business pages. This account has a total of 3 friends, all of which are in the company.

    One of the offshoots is very new, and we’ve run into a problem:

    – Boss liked a video that I posted, tried to boost it (he’s boosted successfully before), and it was rejected.

    – He tried to boost it a couple more times to see if it was an error, and I believe that disabled his ads account.

    – Without knowing what was going on, I made the rookie mistake and tried boosting the same video and now my ads account has been disabled.

    – I’ve finally put my ads account to review (after a little too much time spent trying to find out where and then multiple “could not complete this operation” messages) to *hopefully* be reinstated and told Boss where to look to do the same in case his account has been disabled too.

    Is this all I can do at the moment? I’m just hoping that we haven’t killed this business page, though it is so new that it wouldn’t be much of a problem to create a new one if we have.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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