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    Hey reddit. My two top pages do have a very similiar search intent, but quite different queries.

    Since the last Algorithm Update in Nov/Dec last year I have the Impression that google is confused which of the two pages to show. The rankings and clicks to the site are volatile. In 2020 I used to have snippets for both queries. Now I am on the lower end of p.1.
    I guess the posts just cannibalise each other, from what i see in search console.

    THEREFORE: My solution with a questionmark:

    Should I combine the pages and flag one site as cannonical content?

    I am hesistant, because these 2 pages bring in significant amount of traffic (even though a lot more before the update) and i dont want to make something suboptimal worse.


    Yup, could go either way and without any particulars, on the variance between the pages, it’s impossible to say.


    Don’t do anything, Google will choose whats best for the user. Gather data on the search terms and see how you can develop both of the page, if its created just to get traffic from Google then 301 redirect the page.


    4 out of 10 First page results are identical for both queries.
    I heard that if above 5, it can be assumed that search intent is same.
    Since I am at 4 it remains a little unclear.

    Anyways, I recently had the idea that the worse ranking could also be triggered by increasing bounce rate, which could possibly due to page speed.
    I was successful increasing speed a bit (quite a PITA as a not tech savvy guy) so let’s see what happens.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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