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    Has anyone played around with partnerships or creative ways to demonstrate value to a client without them feeling like they’re being taken advantage of?

    Q: how do you feel about $300 a month to manage the reputation of your company, drive many thousands of dollars worth of business, and create long lasting back links that will position your company well above your competitors for years to come?
    A: 😐

    Q: How would you like it if I optimized your site And will bill you for 50% of the gross revenue above your five-year average as a reflection of my ability to meaningfully affect your business bottom line?
    A: 😁

    So many business owners are Penny smart but pound foolish and are looking to save a few hundred here and there but lose the big picture.


    It should be really clear what value they are getting when hiring an SEO. For example, I could say that a client has a 10% conversion rate via buying their product. If their goal is to generate $5k in revenue per month and they can budget $2k in SEO per month, then it will be easy to show if SEO is impactful


    I think all serious SEOs should do this.

    If you know your stuff then why not offer a profit share?

    Also, any SEO that’s worth his salt should be involved in affiliate marketing and prove their Web positions / revenue to clients.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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