Ad fatigue driven by Facebook or Audience?

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    If an ad has been running continuously for a while, and the frequency increases, its understandable that it’s fatigue by audience.

    I have an ad post I have been running with good ROAS earlier in the year. I paused it on and off for a couple of months due to covid (ads on in February and April only). Restarted it a week ago in a duplicate campaign but am experiencing negative ROAS. Is this due to the algorithms or is it due to the audience? The audience should be new now, I believe, since the store is showing non returning traffic.

    Product is a semi necessity but not covid related.

    I also note CPM is higher the past week than in April and February. Could be audience or could be algorithm.

    Trying to pin down the cause to make an effective action plan.

    Am I looking at ad fatigue or overall economy’s prudence in spending?


    Just a thought but could it also be more competitive audience? Lots of people are turning to eComm and bidding might be higher based on this?


    Sounds like your ad ran out of juice. This is pretty common. As a rule of thumb, I actually find that my ads, on average, last just about a month before I have to develop new creative.

    I have a video that dives into how long you should be running a Facebook Ad: [](

    Essentially what this video tells you is that:

    1. You need to be proactive on developing new creative for your brand. Facebook’s algorithm is so smart that in many ways you can royally f-up on targeting, but as long as you have good creative, you can still get great results.
    2. If you have an ad that used to do well for you but started performing poorly: it’s likely due to ad fatigue. Try to look at what made that ad so popular and develop another ad that’s similar.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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