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    I’ve received a FB ad with TikTok credits. Wondering if anyone has any experience with TikTok advertising and:

    * does it work for eComm brand with low AOV ($35)
    * does it work for B2B SaaS?

    Any other suggestions/thoughts?


    It’s a well played scam to get control of your FB ad account.
    They will get you to authorize by Facebook and use your FB account to buy scam ads.

    Usually with an app, it will have a shady developer name.

    Stay away!


    Did this not seem too good to be true for you?


    Wow, wtf – those ads exist??


    Those ads are still running. I had to tell my lady to not click on it. The scammers can make a lot of money with the right ad accounts and affiliate offers.


    it’s 100% a scam. save your ad budget.


    I report one and FB said it met their guidelines…


    FB does a great job by filtering the ads such like this.


    I don’t think you could pay me $4500 to use tik tok ads right now anyway.


    Blatant scam. I saw it took a look at the landing page, if you get a chance check the URL they are linking to, it has a typo, like TIKTOK all uppercase with a lowercase ‘L’ instead of an ‘I’, and when you log in asks for FB Biz Manager access. I have reported to both FB & my TikTok rep!


    Yeh I fell for this, just lucky that their landing page was garbage which raised a massive red flag for me. I immediately removed their app access. What really annoys me is that my ads get rejected for having to much text but a blatant scam can easily make it through the net.

Viewing 12 posts - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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