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    While I know the advertising world has iOS14 at the top of everyone’s minds right now, I’m still continuing my creative strategies! Here are some of the hottest trends I’ve been seeing behind the scenes on the creative front

    UGC: No surprises here — this is still my #1 priority for all of my clients. These organic experiences with products filmed in-house and with influencers I source is the single-handed best form of creative across all ad accounts.

    TikTok Ads: The platform is crawling with opportunity for eCommerce brands because life hacks and must-have products are taking over (and not just on the paid side, organically too)!

    Whitelisted Ads: Running creatives through personal pages rather than from a brand’s is showing higher overall CTR and conversions, thanks to organic, social-proofing element of a message coming from a non-brand source.

    These are the things working for us! (Ofcourse test what works for you!)


    TikTok organic has crazy potential these days. CPMs and CAC can be crazy low if you can structure an eye catching video.


    Any recs for finding influencers to shoot videos for ads? I currently run a hat business and about to launch a line for men’s jewelry and not sure where to start.


    Has anyone successfully done leadgen on tiktok? Could you maybe post/send me an example video ad?


    You’re spammingggg

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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