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    While I know the advertising world has iOS14 at the top of everyone’s minds right now, I’m still continuing my creative strategies! Here are some of the hottest trends I’ve been seeing behind the scenes on the creative front

    UGC: No surprises here — this is still my #1 priority for all of my clients. These organic experiences with products filmed in-house and with influencers I source is the single-handed best form of creative across all ad accounts.

    TikTok Ads: The platform is crawling with opportunity for eCommerce brands because life hacks and must-have products are taking over (and not just on the paid side, organically too)!

    Whitelisted Ads: Running creatives through personal pages rather than from a brand’s is showing higher overall CTR and conversions, thanks to organic, social-proofing element of a message coming from a non-brand source.

    These are the things working for us! (Ofcourse test what works for you!)


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    How does the USG compare to whitelisted ads? I was thinking of give influencers affiliate links but I like how I can target with whitelisting. Good thing about TikTok is theres a chance to go viral but I’m not sure if that’s the case with TikTok ads.


    Three types of ad that convert are:

    Display Ads: From the use of an eye-catching graphic to the perfect placement of the ad on a website where it can catch the attention of the consumer, display ads are one of the most prominent ways of driving traffic to a website. A relevant landing page is what completes the entire process.

    Video Ads: Video ads have the capability to draw the attention of the consumer and hold it for sometime while the message of the ad is being passed in the most subtle manner without making the consumer feel bored.

    Mobile Ads: Every 8 in 10 individuals possess a mobile phone and these devices have become a crucial part of their lives. These people can easily be targeted through their search history and their area of interest and a product/service can be promoted into a huge customer base with very less costs.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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