12 upcoming post/marketing opportunities for the next few days

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    Here’s a handful of upcoming events to help with post inspiration/ideas.

    **Monday Nov 16**

    1. Leonids Meteor Shower Peak (Monday and Tuesday)

    **Tuesday Nov 17**

    1. National Unfriend Day
    2. LEGO Star Wars Holiday Special (Disney+)
    3. National Entrepreneurs’ Day
    4. Take a Hike Day

    **Wednesday Nov 18**

    1. 2020 NBA Draft

    **Thursday Nov 19**

    1. Rocket Lab Return to Sender Launch (First stage recovery attempt)
    2. World Toilet Day
    3. The Great American Smokeout (Quit campaign)

    **Friday Nov 20**

    1. World Children’s Day
    2. World Hello Day

    **Saturday Nov 21**

    1. G20 Leaders’ Summit

    **Sunday Nov 22**

    1. AMAs (American Music Awards)


    In case it’s useful, all of these upcoming events came from Forekast.com if you want to browse more (I didn’t find all of these events myself — just compiled the list). Also feel free to share good upcoming events I may have missed.


    National Unfriend Day is just great 🙂


    Thanks for the list!


    Thanks! This will provide me some potential good posting content for my social media marketing work. Much appreciated.


    Well this is one valuable post. We are creating a new innovative toilet seat and I would not have known that on 19th of Nov it was “World Toilet Day”. Thanks for the heads up!


    I’m new to the marketing world. Are these seminars, or just shows coming out this week? Or are they job opportunities?


    Quite helpful


    There are many upcoming events as per the marketing opportunities.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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