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    I never bought followers but I did quite a lot of follow unfollow until a couple years ago when I decided to stop doing that. But I feel IG kinda punished me for that and I’m still being punished in a way of engagement. Is there any way I can unblock this? I was thinking in finding a bot that autolikes the last posts of all my followers .. my intent is not to gain new followers but to kind of send a signal of “hey I’m here” to my current ones …


    People tend to not realize that actually a lot of their followers , are in fact, bots. Especially when you get to 5 figures.

    You may no longer be doing follow/unfollow etc. But that doesn’t mean that the followers you do have are legit accounts. Many have quite possibly followed you in the same follow/unfollow manner with no actual intention of interacting with your content.

    Your best bet, start going through your followers and remove the bots, the ones with suspicious looking accounts, or follows 7000 accounts etc.


    Instagram is not out for you. Your pool of followers obviously are not interested in your content. You need to find the people that do.

    Why do you think the followers you have like your content? If you followed/unfollowed, then you got those people based on that strategy. Doesn’t mean they will engage with your content. I only follow/unfollow people I know will have some interest in my page.

    For example, one of my clients has a car page. I will follow-unfollow people with car profile pics (not all niches have it this easy, but I’m sure if you thought about an identifying feature of your audience you could come up with a criteria.

    If you want high engagement, then you need to identify what your instagram is about, find the appropriate content to post, hashtags to use, and people you should actually follow that you know already like the content you will be posting. Focus on that and measure how your engagement rate changes over time.


    It’s depend upon your post and content. If you have lots of followers but your post doesn’t create engagement then it’s not helpful to you. Also. You require good and your business related followers on your account.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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