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Throwin’ in my two cents. I’ve got a little over 200k followers on my channel and when it’s slow I get about 50k – 100k views a day. I’ve been in the fund the past week, and it’s been a bit of a slow week. Each day so far I’ve gotten around 100k a day or under and I’m looking at $1.50 – $2.00 a day.

With that being said, two days ago one of my videos hit and I’m just shy of 900k views, looking like a mil by the end of today so I’ll have to update what numbers like that will look like after the three day waiting period. In this comment thread it looks like highest reported is $12 for 500k so I’m assuming it’ll be about $20 – we’ll see! (That’s still $20 for just making french toast out of an uncrustable so not too bad I guess…)

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