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I would recommend you contact influencer agencies that offer Tik Tok services for their clients. You will need to put together a proposal showing them the following:

– the size and location of your audience

– daily/weekly/monthly views

– the interest of your audiences – is there something that you’re doing specifically that your audience shows interest in? what type of videos are getting the highest number of views?

– demographics are super important

The pay would probably differ based on each contract and budget so make sure you do a bit of research if you can beforehand to get an idea of the size of the agency and their existing/past clients.

You need to be super professional and be ready to answer a lot of questions. Also, they will probably want you to sign a contract so READ it very well. If you start working as an influencer everything that you create part of a client contract will be owned by the client/agency.

Another option would be to contact companies that are currently working with influences and fits the description of your audience. Provide the same information.

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