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For starters, start moving your following to other platforms. Instagram is the biggest one- link your insta (or make a new insta) to the page, post a call to action in the bio, and possibly even try to incorporate some kind of call to actions in one out of every few videos.

Depending on your content, there’s countless brands that will be more than happy to work with you on sponsored posts. The type of sponsorship sort of depend on the type of content you post. For example, if you post dance videos, you’re a good candidate for clothing brands. They’ll pay you to wear their clothes or to directly shout out their brands..

You’re not quite big enough for huge brand deals, but if you have an instagram page linked to your account it’s only a matter of time before smaller brands start reaching out to you in DMs. You can also start DMing brands that you like yourself, brands with insta followings of 20-200k will likely reply and pay well.

There’s no good platform for “finding advertisers” as far as I’m aware. People that run brands will find you and hit email/DM you asking if you’re interested in advertising their stuff. Alternatively, you can reach out to brands yourself. The most important part here is making yourself reachable- putting some sort of contact method on your profile.

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