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Click fraud *can* be a serious problem for advertisers, but people are often quick to jump to “OMG IT MUST BE FRAUD!” rather than looking at the actual problems (and I say that as a co-founder at a very well known click fraud prevention platform….).

If you think your competition are sitting there clicking your ads for locksmith services every day….. Well, they’re not. Many click fraud tools will happily sell to you on the fear that they are, but it isn’t happening. Click fraud is *huge* on display, and a huge amount of bot clicks get past Google’s filters, but this “My competitor is bleeding my dry and clicking my ads” nonsense that so many tools (or snake oil….) our there push is **so** infuriating to me.

Check your campaign settings to be sure you haven’t opted in to Play Store App placements or any display network placements. Or build a single-visit audience list and then exclude them from campaigns.

If none of that solves it, take a trial at a click fraud prevention tool to get the IPs and block them. If it’s one competitor then it’s pretty simple to solve – take the trial, get the IPs, block the whole network and job done. Don’t even need to pay for an ongoing solution. Feel free to PM me if you want more insight in to that, but don’t want to come across as self-promoting our platform here.

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