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For a lot of small businesses/websites I find roadblocks with link building usually centered about a lack of link worthy content. That’s to say, why the hell would somebody want to link to your client’s website ?

Infographics are, IMO, kind of a method of the last decade when it comes to SEO. With the rise of do-it-yourself infographic tools, just about anybody can piece together and infographic relative to their niche or industry .

That said, infographics haven’t lost their utility by any means. It’s just the sex appeal has gone down a little bit such that people don’t get to giddy about ” being allowed to ” in bed some random assholes infographic on their website and link back to it as a source.

So, the conversation usually becomes about spending a couple thousand dollars developing link worthy content versus spending a couple hundred dollars on some passable backlinks. I say “passable” and the sense that they’re not spam but they’re also not the front page of the Wall Street journal.

If you’re looking for an outreach list, I’d suggest using AH refs and getting a handful of competitor websites and exporting all the in content, do follow backlinks from each competitor, make a list to get rid of duplicates, and then start clicking away on the keyboard send an emails.

Another option is to simply hit up some random SEO agency that’s better tooled than you are and outsource it. Sure, you’re not going to make the same amount of money but you’re also not going to have to do any work. Tack on 15%, and call it a day!

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