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  • schmuber

    October 14, 2021 at 4:08 pm

    Cold emailing has an utterly low ROI, as it only converts low hanging fruits – businesses that already know that they need an SEO. All others will be “reading” these emails with del button.

    Here’s what worked best for me when I first went freelance:

    * Open Google Maps for your area
    * Check every business listing within the X mile radius
    * Some will have an obvious need for an SEO, others may even need a new website
    * Find as much as you can about these prospects, including names of decision makers
    * Make an audit, prepare some slides, put them on a thumb drive
    * Have a projector and screen in your car, just in case
    * Put on your business suit
    * Walk in, ask for a meeting with decision maker.

    Unlike emails, it’s much harder to ignore a man in a business suit. My conversion rate was in high 60s / low 70s, which is extremely high for cold SEO sales.