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    I love cold emailing as a freelancer, but there’s a catch to it. 🤔

    You definitely should cold-email people, but you also need to be self-aware of where you are in your journey.

    What do I mean by that? Let’s find out.

    Let’s say you’ve just started out. You are a newbie who has a couple of dummy projects plus one or two real ones in your portfolio.

    If you start cold-emailing brands like Apple, Nike, Google, Starbucks on your first day and send ten emails each day to companies like these, you’d probably be disheartened pretty easily.

    Here’s what I suggest you do for a cold-outreach/email strategy as a newbie freelancer instead:

    Apart from job boards- look for industry-related keywords on platforms like Linkedin & Twitter. Something like “hiring remote copywriters” in your search bar

    Search for niche-based Facebook groups and especially lookout for people who have included a personal or professional email ID.

    Now you’re thinking, these two are client-finding methods, but how to approach them?

    That’s where cold emailing comes in.

    You’d be surprised to know how many people actually don’t bother to read the instructions.

    You’d probably see 20-30 comments saying “interested” on a Linkedin or a Facebook job post where it’s clearly mentioned that they need to send their details via a DM or an email ID.

    They get rejected by recruiters right away because they don’t even read the instructions properly.

    This is your chance to cold-email people who are looking for someone like you. That’s when cold emails really show the magic.

    Once you start doing this every day, you’d see a drastic change in your cold email replies.

    Having said that, maintain a 70-30 ratio if you were to send 10 cold emails every day.

    70%- Targetted to the ones who are actually looking for someone

    30%- Targetted to the companies you really want to work with

    Reach out to the right people, but also never stop believing in getting a reply from your dream company.

    You’ll get there sooner if you start today. I promise ❤️


    Cold emailing has an utterly low ROI, as it only converts low hanging fruits – businesses that already know that they need an SEO. All others will be “reading” these emails with del button.

    Here’s what worked best for me when I first went freelance:

    * Open Google Maps for your area
    * Check every business listing within the X mile radius
    * Some will have an obvious need for an SEO, others may even need a new website
    * Find as much as you can about these prospects, including names of decision makers
    * Make an audit, prepare some slides, put them on a thumb drive
    * Have a projector and screen in your car, just in case
    * Put on your business suit
    * Walk in, ask for a meeting with decision maker.

    Unlike emails, it’s much harder to ignore a man in a business suit. My conversion rate was in high 60s / low 70s, which is extremely high for cold SEO sales.


    Great advice! Especially for the newbies in the industry. Cold emailing can sometimes be exhausting and disheartening if you don’t receive the expected response. This is one strategy that guarantees decent to more than expected responses when reaching out.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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