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First, change your perspective. Keep conversion is the first priority. Don’t put much effort in trying to rank on a short specific keyword. It will take a lot of time and may not result in many conversions.

There are four stages of the marketing funnel- awareness, interest, desire and action and in online marketing, we have the fifth stage is remarketing.

Write blogs on the use and advantages of the product & services and promote that blog through social media. So, people became aware of the product. By keep posting the blog on a consistent basis, the targeted customer can come to the interest stage.

It’s easy to rank blogs on long-phrase keywords and unique keywords which you can mention in social media posts, which imprints on the mind of customers, so when they try to search on google about your product, they may find your website first.

To generate more interest on your product, create descriptive product pages which answer all the questions of the prospects.

Also, write articles on quora and ask present users to write reviews for your product, a person who desires to buy the product and services you offer must go through the reviews of the user.

Finally, when the customer got converted, try to persuade him again to buy more by showing remarketing ads on social media to generate more sales. You must need repetitive customers to boost sales.

Remember, creating backlinks are a must for your business. Do thorough keyword research, create backlinks to rank on those keywords but have patience, you may got rank for variation of keywords but not on the exact keywords but that also bring conversion.

So, above is my theory to get more business through an e-commerce websites.

Installing Yoast SEO for your website is a good step in SEO. Glad, you have already taken it for your business. It does most of your on-page tasks and you can concentrate on other SEO activities.

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