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I’ll go against the popular opinion here and say it’s very likely that the government can prove that Facebook has engaged in anticompetitive practices and that this has harmed consumer options and privacy.

If the suit succeeds we will all benefit. Right now we have to bend over and take Facebook and Google’s shit because they are the 800 lb gorillas in the room.

We have to deal with both giving us piss poor service for our accounts because there’s nowhere else to go, at least not that has the reach and versatility these two platforms can offer.

But Facebook has stifled competition by buying up prospective upstart competitors and Google isn’t innocent either.

More choices and more innovation in this space would benefit advertisers and agencies. I’d love to see Facebook and Google be forced to give a shit about the quality of their service or risk losing our business to competitors that they haven’t either purchased or bullied out of the market.

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