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    I don’t know if anyone else knows about the suing of facebook by the federal government. But this means they might have to give up things like instagram.

    What kind of affect do you think this will have on advertising, (making it better, worse, no change).

    Do you think costs might go up, or go down?


    I don’t think anything is going to happen it’s probably all just for show tbh


    The federal gov’t has to actually win the lawsuit for Facebook to be broken up. I would be pleasantly surprised if that happened. I don’t think it’s likely, though.


    I highly doubt a company the size of google will let anything “break” her. i think that for a long time they have been “too big to fall”, and the government woke up a bit too late about trying to restrain their power.

    regardless, if (and that’s a big if) anything like that will happen, i don’t think we’ll “give up” on Instagram, just post there from it’s own ads manager and keep going business as usual.

    i agree that maybe it would suck for us if they get separated, but we’ll get through this eventually. don’t forget that with time you’ll see more platforms to be on, like TikTok for example, so in the future we’ll probably have more tools to use than today, which is good.


    Bottom line, i wouldn’t worry about facebook. digital marketing is the future of marketing in general, and facebook has a huge part in it. what ever happens, they will always be one of the biggest players out there (if not the biggest)


    Nothing ever happens


    If it did happen, it would reduce their monopoly power and be a net gain for advertisers and consumers.

    It would force them to be more competitive with other social channels like Pinterest and Snap. Some likely improvements would be lower (more competitive) auction prices and better advertiser support. Likely shift some power back to advertisers, particularly on the social justice and ethical leadership front.

    Really, the only losing party in this scenario would be Facebook shareholders. But they have gained so much at everyone else’s expense over the past decade, so I’m not going to shed a tear for them.


    0% chance of happening. Still, uninformed techbashing idiots are about to get fifty times more annoying.


    Fb has become too big to fail. Nothing is going to happen.


    This coming from the people who think the internet is a series of tubes.


    Facebook faces competition from numerous other social media platforms. Google is the real problem. I would not be surprised if this lawsuit was initiated by Google behind the scenes.


    I think on a technical, control, monopoly basis, Google is a much larger problem and threat.

    Facebook is a popular scapegoat punching bag but content/user issues aside they’re far less dangerous in mind than the long term issues surrounding google/Alphabet


    I’ll go against the popular opinion here and say it’s very likely that the government can prove that Facebook has engaged in anticompetitive practices and that this has harmed consumer options and privacy.

    If the suit succeeds we will all benefit. Right now we have to bend over and take Facebook and Google’s shit because they are the 800 lb gorillas in the room.

    We have to deal with both giving us piss poor service for our accounts because there’s nowhere else to go, at least not that has the reach and versatility these two platforms can offer.

    But Facebook has stifled competition by buying up prospective upstart competitors and Google isn’t innocent either.

    More choices and more innovation in this space would benefit advertisers and agencies. I’d love to see Facebook and Google be forced to give a shit about the quality of their service or risk losing our business to competitors that they haven’t either purchased or bullied out of the market.


    Wait until the stock dips a bit lower then buy it. This isn’t going anywhere. The US doesn’t want to weaken a company like Facebook when it might start competing with international orgs.


    The Feds don’t open this kind of war without knowing they’re going to make bank on it. Personally I doubt the case ever goes to verdict. They’ll get into the case far enough to show they’re serious, and then they’ll make some kind of deal with FB for a huge fine plus concessions, which may or may not include spinning off Snapchat, IG or others. Then it’s back to business as usual.


    Separate IG and FB, and separate Google and YT. The whole world will benefit so so much…

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