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Sounds like there’s a chance you might be experiencing some imposter syndrome and that can be a bitch.

I’ve been doing digital marketing and social media for about seven years for retail companies and sometimes I really hated it. The community management side could get really exhausting especially when you were dealing with just flat out rude keyboard warriors who wanted to tell you how awful you were. And sometimes I would find myself getting exasperated with higher ups who asked me to do crazy things with growth with zero to no budget and acted like it was magic to get it done. Those days were hard.

Social media is very bootstrappy. You have to know a lot because generally we do everything on the digital marketing side because we know it’s all interconnected. I’m with you on the psychology. I loved learning about customer journeys and getting deep into data to find solutions and answers. I use that to make the things that I don’t like so much like community management and post creation, more tolerable.

It’s also vitally important to take breaks in this job. You can burn out really fast. Make sure you are balancing your day. I take an hour at lunch to stop looking at my screen and phone so I can read a book and eat. It really helps.

The great thing with social media and digital marketing is that you can really mold it to your strengths. Lean into the psych side. That will help.

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