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I’ve been posting to an art account too.

21.2k followers, 115.7k likes.

I post 2-4 times a day. Sometimes one repost.

Things I’ve tried or noticed:

1. I had one video get 1.2million views. All in Brazil.

Reposted with the same tags and music a week later and it’s stuck at 65k. Not bad but according to many “gurus”, it should have passed the original.

2. Posted a 20 second video that that stalled at 300 views

Reposted same video sped up so the length was around 10 seconds and 20k + views.

Most of Tiktok has a short attention span.

3. Simple artwork/doodles get more views than more detailed work.

4. No matter how long a video is, the watch time is ALWAYS much less.

example: 20 second video = 15 sec average

15 second video = 12 second average.

10 second video = 8 second average.

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