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It also might help to market your product to the common sub-groups of tik tok (ig LGBT+, dance videos, focusing on friends and friend groups, Twilight, culture, etc.) because the app will only show you content on your FYP that it thinks you’ll be interested in based on videos you’ve liked in the past.

For example, if you’ve just liked 4 videos meme-ing Twilight, you’ll start to be shown more and more videos of Twilight related content. If you’ve liked 7 videos from people in the LGBT+ community, you’re unlikely to see videos of straight couples. So if you only create one video catered to one sub-group, your product will not be seen by as many people as if you take the time to cater it to each sub-group. From there, you can see which audiences are engaging with your video and your product, and you can then start to alter your focus towards those high engagement groups.

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