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    I’m writing a round-up article gathering the top advice for link-building!


    You might get a lot of advice on link-building that always prefer high DA link or the best link-building techniques.

    But one of the most important tips with all of them is maintaining the links that you have got. Because if you lose or break any link it can affect your ranking directly.


    Spread it out. Don’t just go for dofollow, or high DA links.

    Get some nofollow, and get some low-DA links. It makes for a more “natural” link profile.

    Cheers .


    Write good quality blog posts and people will link to it. It’s going to take a while but then not only will your site rank higher on search engines, people will link to your blog posts without you asking.


    Refresh old content! Dusting off old blog posts and content pieces and sharing them through social media can get you new backlinks and more traffic. I spent so much time early on creating new content, but I’ve had success with keeping old stuff active, too!


    Pay for them


    Creating something of value that people want to link to will take less time and effort than link building and it’ll generate far more links.


    Link exchange


    If your topic matches the topic of a wikipedia article, you can add a reference with your URL. This does not work in some cases. Typically, wikipedia does not allow to add external links directly inside articles. In that case one can use [handwiki.org](https://handwiki.org) that allows to add external links not only inside references, but also in the body of wiki articles.


    copy what your top competitors are doing


    Traffic and topical relevance of the linking site >>>>> anything else.


    I would like to suggest you that, when you go for link Building process then you need not do submit you website on low quality website. when you go for link building then first check website is quality or not you need to submit your website on High Quality website with natural way. According to me this is the best link building platform where we can promote our website very well.


    What I Do is share my content to every relevant forums and websites, Social Media Sites. This doesn’t violates any google guidelines and gives me a mix and natural profile of links.

    But no seo will ever tell you their secret practice that they have learnt over time.

    Ps: Stay safe from Niel patel’s subscribe list


    Look at the backlinks profile of the top ranking sites for a given keyword, exclusing results like Wikipedia or Amazon. Note the following: the percentage of follow to nofollow links, the breakdown of links by domain authroity groups (80-100, 61-79). and then look to see if the links point to the domain name or an interior page of the site, what the anchor text says, and finally where are the links coming from blogs, directories, articles, educational, sister organizations. You will start to see patterns of how they got links emerge that can help guide you on how to focus your link building efforts.


    Write great content, and let the world know you exist.

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 17 total)
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