Is it worth buying a meme Instagram page with 50k followers for $500?

Forum White Hat SEO Social Media Is it worth buying a meme Instagram page with 50k followers for $500?

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    I’m in high school with a part time job to make some cash, and last year I saved enough to buy myself a decent car. I’m not bad at saving my money, so that’s where most of my spending has been going… would this be a decent option to make more money than I bought it for later on? Is the $400-500 purchase worth it if I keep it growing?


    If it grows more you can sell for more. If I was buying a page, I would buy a niche that is more easy to monetize.


    I’d make sure they are real followers for one thing. If it’s a scam, they could have bought 50k followers for $50. That’s a nice $450 profit.


    No keep the money.


    Congrats on buying your own car!

    Very expensive for a meme page since they lack monetization opportunities and you are stuck with selling shoutouts. Most shoutouts on meme pages will sell for $20. It will be a slow grind to recoup initial $500 investment

    Biggest thing in any ig buy is to confirm engagement and followers.

    If you are interested in buying a meme page I would look for some around the 5k mark for $50 with good engagement.


    If $500 is not a lot of money for you and if they are real followers, it is definitely worth it


    Everyone else has good advice. If they’re real it’s a good deal. This is hard to do but I would try to verify who they are and observe the way they interact with you. If they’re in a rush to sell the account and resist when you ask for more information that would be a red flag.

    I’m not sure if paypal protection covers this, but it wouldn’t hurt to do the transaction through there and accurately describe what you’re paying for on the invoice, ie: “full ownership of instagram account @______ with x amount of real followers”. Even if paypal doesn’t explicitly protect you, again someone trying to scam you is going to be less cooperative in my opinion.


    Probably fake followers


    Probably not. 50k is honestly not that many followers. How will you grow? How will you monetize?

    Instagram is a notoriously difficult platform to monetize so only the largest creators are making any kind of money. If you don’t have a business plan then you’re just spending $500 for fun.


    If you want to gain followers, earn them yourself.


    Ask to see his weekly new followers, he should be getting at the very least 500 new followers a week with everything included such as the unfollows. I’d be more so looking for 800 new followers for a page that size and of course engagement. If the account is growing well with good engagement then you can grow it and sell it for a much higher price down the line.





    Do it yourself 🙂


    Is it so damn difficult to make good memes and earn those followers? Or are you just untalented?


    Ask why he is selling. Ask if he made money from it and how much. See proof. If there isnt any stay away from it. Never pay more then 7x the monthly revenue unless its an evergreen niche. Go to see if there is similar stuff to buy.

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 17 total)
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