How do I stop Google reps from calling my personal phone number?

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    I have a Google Ads MCC account and I manage a lot of client accounts. I will get multiple calls per week (sometimes multiple calls per day) from Google reps regarding my client accounts. These calls all go to my personal cell phone since I sent the MCC up years ago and didn’t have a business line at that time. And they call from different numbers at times so just blocking their number doesn’t solve the issue.

    I’ve tried asking the Google reps to remove my number when they call me but they never do. I’ve also tried looking through the MCC account and removing my number but couldn’t find anywhere it was listed except as my recovery phone, and when I changed that to a secondary line the Google Rep calls continued on my primary line.

    It’s driving me bonkers – is there any way I can permanently remove my phone number from being called by the Google reps?


    Damn, these reps are getting worse and worse, aren’t they? I had one of them calling me on my personal number at 11 pm a few weeks ago. It seriously pisses me off, especially since I explained that I don’t need any help with that particular account.


    They are DESPERATELY trying to get people to go to bid automation. It’s hilarious. Anytime I have talked with my rep, its constantly funnels to, “so why aren’t you doing bid automation on all of your campaigns?”.


    I essentially ghosted the rep that was bothering me. We went back and forth emailing a couple times because I had an issue with my account but he kept calling me for a consultation and I just said no but he kept calling me so now I have just started to ignore his calls and emails. It is very irritating.


    They call my biz phone all the time and it just so happens to also link to my home phone so I feel your pain.

    I generally let any number I don’t recognize go to VM anyways. They google reps always leave a message so their numbers are easy to identify. When I see one, I just block it. This keeps them spinning their wheels nonethewiser that I won’t even be bugged by their call. Generally, as the reps change, I’ll get a handful of new numbers to block every few months but it’s been very managable.


    Wow. I would have expected better of Google. The rep that’s been calling me has revealed very clearly that he doesn’t understand my business but has aggressively tried to get me to make changes. They clearly have an agenda other than helping us.


    There are good reps, I always recommend at least having a 5 minute conversation with them. If they suck, email them directly saying you want to be placed on the do not contact list, once you are thrown on it you won’t be contacted for the next year. We are incentivized to push certain things but there are a few really good reps out there that do want to genuinely help and can have a huge positive impact on account performance. If you get a bad rep, just do the above so they will leave you alone.

    Source – Currently work in the role.


    Switch to a Google Voice number?


    I once decided to go with the flow and talk to them. It was a long call and i found out that google have no idea about that. Most of these calls are scams. The information they give you is out there on your google business account. They will repeat the information on your business ( the public) and they will try to take your credit card info. Last thing when i reached the payment stage i told him i will think about it with my partner. He hanged up. Don’t talk to them. Scammers are becoming smarter.


    I just tell them I manage 30 accounts and if I took every call I wouldn’t have time to get any work done. They sound sad then they hang up.


    Just say “remove me from your list”


    GDPR request if you’re European.


    Change you number in your mcc to a gvoice number that you don’t answer.


    Yes it’s not right that they use robo dialers and seem to skirt privacy laws. It’s a class action suit waiting to happen.


    I use ‘should I answer’ on android, and block them every time.

    If they have any feedback I can ignore their ‘automate your bidding’ advice by email, they have my details. I don’t need to waste 45 minutes on a call teaching someone how I set up the account. I usually charge to do that.

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