120 articles in 6 months and 45,000 monthly traffic

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    Hi SEOs,

    I worked on a client’s SEO project in 2019 where we published 20 articles each month for 6 straight months, and after 6 months the site was getting 45,000 monthly traffic.

    – 15 articles were 1000 words each, and
    – other 5 were 3000 words each

    3000-words articles were set up as pillar pages and 1000-words ones as supporting pages. Mostly, long-tail keywords were targeted for the first 3 months.

    We got all the topic ideas (questions and long-tail keywords) from forums like Reddit and Quora. There was no manual backlinking process done but internal linking was aggressive (at least, 3-4 internal links in each article).

    Same process of publishing 20 articles (5 pillar, 15 supporting) went on for the next 6 months, and when we checked Google Analytics they were getting 45,000 monthly visitors (earlier the site had 13 articles and 300 monthly traffic).

    And, the best thing guys, recently I talked to one of their guys and he told me that now the site gets 170,000 monthly traffic. Fun fact, they have only published 5 more articles after our contract was over 2 years ago.

    Guys, start creating more and more quality content, it definitely helps in the long run.

    What are your thoughts on this? Any similar experience?

    Thank you.


    how does that stack up with conversions for the site? I recently took over a site that had loads of blog traffic (40k monthly) but none of the traffic was converting at all.


    I am SEO Developer as well as a content writer. I am working for clients and post the content weekly 5 with 3000 words and results in are amazing and no one can beat me.


    what was the domain age OP before you started publishing content?


    Depends on the niche you are targeting. What niche was this website in?


    Does this work the same way with woocommerce products? Can i do exactly the same thing except instead i update product descriptions and specifications etc. to 1000-3000 words 5 times a week?


    SEO is all about relevant and quality content. That’s awesome, seems like you figured out a winning strategy.


    Can you explain the process of using 3000 word articles mixed with 1000 word articles?


    Please tell me more about it, have you guys shared those articles aggressively on online platforms, social media, etc?


    OP how much did the exercise cost? Blog topic searching & ideation, Content creation, publishing, optimizing and interlinking & the team size?



    Tell me please, you just published articles, or you advertised the website?


    Wow, that’s awesome. Great work!


    >We got all the topic ideas (questions and long-tail keywords) from forums like Reddit and Quora.

    Could you share a bit about your process for getting topic ideas from Reddit?


    This is a great result. But unfortunately, any new google algorithm can randomly down traffic. That is unpredictable. People who spend a lot of money may be left with nothing. That is sad.


    Great job and great insights for us thank you! What was your internal linking strategy like?

    Did you support the pillar content by placing links on the 3 support contents only? How did you structure your internal linking strategy? Answers would be really appreciated.


    Sounds about right. Content/SEO people deliver so much value it’s not even funny

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 21 total)
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