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1. Probably until the very end of your yearly 301 plan. Make sure every page is 301d. Look up your website in Google and make sure every page on your new website ([]( is indexed in Google and not the ([]( website. Now, most sites don’t have every page indexed in Google and that’s ok. What you are concerned with is ensuring that Google is accurately indexing your pages from the ([]( site and not the ([]( one.
2. Only if you ensure the posts being indexed currently in Google are those from your ([]( iteration.
3. You should be looking up your back links, all of them. Any back links you have that are from sites currently pointing to your old ([]( site you need to try to get updated so they are pointing to the ([]( site. This is why Google is calling your content copied. This is why typically pages come back into search results from pages/sites that have been previously 301’d. Because, websites are pointing to those old pages and Google keeps picking them back up again…after they have been 301’d.
Also, you want to start creating as many relevant back links to the problematic pages as possible. It also wouldn’t be a bad idea to petition Google to remove the old ([]( website, even if you have already done so. Log into GSC and make sure have the redirects setup there also. Still things you can do, for sure.

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