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Hey, I think you have a few areas you need to improve on.

First off, great job launching something. I think that’s amazing that you’re trying to run your own business.

1. 460 impressions is not a lot, especially with your broad targeting. You need to find your audience and refine your targeting. Using a Facebook pixel on your website would help you learn more about your audience.

2. Do you have a website? When you say “message you for purchase” that makes the process very difficult for a buyer. Am I supposed to message you, and then work out a payment method by chat? That’s way too much work. You should start an Etsy shop or something similar and your ads should send those users to your store!

3. Work on your copywriting skills. I’m not a great copywriter myself, but I think you have a lot of room to improve yours.

4. Your designs. Did you make this yourself? Is this just an idea you had and created? The reason I ask is there’s a difference between painting for yourself and painting for others. You should do some more research into what people are buying, and see how you can adapt your own style to it. Just because you’ve painted something that you enjoyed, it may not mean others enjoy it.

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