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1. Find a industry that you are interested in, learn the ins and outs of how it works and what types of people work in it, and then specialise in that area. You can charge more for being the expert in that field. It also helps you build trust with the potential customers.
2. Google local small businesses in your area, see if they have a Google My Business (GMB) listing, check out their website if they have one and then approach them with how you can help them build on their current customer base. If they don’t have a GMB listing and/or website then you are in an even better position to approach them.

I would recommend building out an email template to send to your potential clients, doing some research into their business and then tailoring the email to that. Follow up the email with a phone call or better still, a visit to their business address. Show them the work you have done for other businesses and how you have helped them grow their business. Once you have built and element of trust you will find it easier to sell to them.

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