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SEO is something I always get excited about for current or potential clients. In this day and age the first thing anybody does when they want to know or buy anything is Google it.

I look at SEO with the mindset of it, not necessarily me, but the work, has the potential to change the course of a business and therefor all the lives connected with it. Customers always want to rank on their business name, but that is a given (I feel), I always point out that we aren’t targeting the people that know who they are but they people out there that want what they are selling or what service they are providing but don’t know they exist.

I watch out for local company cars/trucks that have wraps or billboards. If they have gone that far they have some understanding of the value of advertising and that helps because it is when the client or future client really understands the value that SEO brings to the table that your relationship with them changes. Your client has to work with you, nobody knows their business as well as they do and being able to talk to them, ask them questions about how they are getting business now, what has worked in the past, what parts of their business makes them the most money and if they feel like more business in that area would help them grow as a business. Ask them questions to get them saying yes and that will help once you have your foot in the door.

Practice on friends and family. You have to be able to explain the ins and outs of how it works in a way that doesn’t make people feel either intimidated by what can really be a lot of overwhelming information, or like you are talking down to them.

I also talk to a lot of local shops where I shop, I already have a relationship, I’m standing there handing them money so at least for a few seconds I have their attention. Make sure you have already been on their site and are familiar with it and if you had any issues finding them. If a trained and skilled SEO has difficulty think about the average everyday person searching.

Creating a well designed email to send was a great suggestion from someone, when you do, leave space to customize it. Include some details about their site or their GMB listing to show that you have done your homework on them and are not just spamming companies.

I’ve gone on, I get excited. Remember, you can be the key to make great changes for people, you have to go in knowing that, and the confidence doesn’t have to be in yourself even, just in the work. *Best practices alone can go so far in helping websites*. SEO is a fine balance of art, science, guessing and magic. Embrace it and spread the love.

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