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Hey OP, I’m a Paid Social advertiser working in-house for a lead-gen marketing org. I launched an experiment on The Trade Desk via an agency in an attempt to understand its value for our business model. So hopefully I can save you some hassle 🙂

Can I expect a direct response from it or is it more of a medium that supports the overall funnel I.e. awareness?

**>It is fucking abysmal for direct response lead-gen. The value is supposed to be in the overall awareness and providing performance improvements for other channels like SEM and SEO.** I say supposedly because I haven’t seen the agency’s data science report on how many extra leads it generated for us via our SEM program.

Here’s a good way to summarize it.

1) FB Prospecting campaign to main lead-form can sustain $40k/mo spend at a $50 CPL ($3.50 Cost-per-Click)

2) Trade Desk Programmatic Display Campaign is $20k/mo spend at a $2,500 CPL (I shit you not) ($4.00 Cost-Per-Click).

It is not an effective click-generator. It is not an effective lead-generator strategy. It is supposed to influence the very early consideration phase which will allow more profitable actions about 90 days after the user has viewed your banner ad.

If you are looking for a new ad platform for a direct-response lead-gen to add to your channel mix, programmatic display is NOT THE WAY TO DO IT. Much better success with Native, and you can avoid agency costs by going direct to a service provider like Taboola and signing a small IO to secure a campaign manager for your account.

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