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It isn’t ad fraud, it’s erroneous clicks, there’s a difference

The value of a banner, despite what Google pushes isn’t the click, it’s the impression.

In app exclusion is good but it isn’t fraud. It’s accidental clicks. The clicks you do get attributed in say, GA look like high bounce low time on site because most of the clicks are accidental.

That’s why you need a platform that attributes view through attribution.

A banner is like a billboard. Intent is low. There is often no click. Valuing it in GA is under valuing campaigns.

Consider Facebook. It’s actually the largest display network but we call it social because they are a country unto themselves now. But it’s the same thing. Their entire framework encourages you to click but bounces are still high most times. That’s because the value is the impression, not the click. That’s why Facebook reports heavily on view through/post view alongside clicks and click

Display and open network programmatic without that framework encouraging you to click (faux buttons barely help) are an order of magnitude lower propensity for a legit click to lead to a conversion.

Indeed when you run a lot of display you begin to realize a huge portion of conversions are view through based.

ie, user sees your ad, chooses not to click and instead goto a search engine for your brand, clicks the link and then converts. GA says direct or organic deserves the credit or even paid search.

Using GA as your source of truth is a double edged sword even on Google’s own products.

If isn’t fraud it’s accidental clicks and a misunderstanding of metrics that matter and how to parse them that’s usually the issue.

Example, same spend of $7000-10,000/month

GDN = 40K clicks, 3k arrive on site in GA, no conversion tracking

DSP run display = 7000 clicks, 3500 arrive on site, but retargeting lines account for 95% of conversions when you look at view through.

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