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I’ll be very honest then: your website (at least on mobile) looks like it was built on the first free WP template you could find. I don’t think anyone could take it seriously and actually click on the button. I would bounce right away. The “Please authorize to access your personal link to the form” thing doesn’t even make sense. Authorize what? It sounds like the fishiest website ever.

Now that I think about it, your template looks like a Square website. It doesn’t look professional at all. One of my clients used a similar template to sell her product and I told her we would most likely wouldn’t get a single sale. She still wanted to go ahead to test and we got maybe 4 sales total.

I would advise to really make the whole thing look legit by getting a legit and professional design to start with and add a bunch of info on your website. Who are you? Why should we take the test? How to contact you? Etc.

I am also assuming that anyone could cheat the whole thing so I am not exactly sure why any reputable ppc person would want to be on the leatherboard. Unless you tell me which companies are coming to your website, there is no way I would do the test. Also, how can companies make sure that these ppc persons are legit? Clients require reviews these days. Being on a leatherboard means absolutely nothing.

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