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Make sure you have the following:

* Proper Primary and Secondary Categories – these are HUGE
* Accurate Name/Address/Phone info, hours and special hours, and website links. Your NAP should be an exact match with Yelp/Facebook/etc.
* Make sure you have a Facebook. This is a far more authoritative link than any directory and one that can drive business in its own right. Some directories are good, make sure you’re on MapQuest/Yelp/any legit local Chamber of Commerce or similar pages but fuck all them random ass directories for the most part.
* If you are really desperate you can consider adding your top NB keyword into your business name. This is against Google’s TOS, but I had a weed store client where they opened new stores only for them to not take off in local search. After looking at competitors, more of them were sticking “Pot Shop” “Dispensary” etc into their business name than weren’t. We tested adding “Cannabis Dispensary” to their business name in January of this year – they saw a huge boost AND they’re still running with it today with no suspension issues or penalties. Or if your competitors are doing this, snitch on them to Google lol.
* Photos and Videos, the more the merrier
* A helpful AND keyword-targeted business description. Similar to the business name and categories, the local algorithm seems a lot more old school than Google’s main alg, match those keywords.
* A short response time to any Q&As and reviews, whether smart or dumb, good or bad.
* Fully leverage any applicable attributes like Wheelchair Accessible, Led by Women, etc.
* Posts for any events, COVID updates, etc. These help you stand out and signal that you are an active business.
* Service Menus and/or Products. Not all categories get these, but Service Menus appear in Google Maps on mobile devices and Products can get prominent placements as well. These are often under-utlilized and you can get real creative. For one client we have uploaded their floor plans as Products, so users can quickly see what you have for them and you can get them down the funnel better.
* Maximize Review Generation – use GMB Place ID links to create a frictionless link to your review section, and leverage on the website/email/text/whatever is applicable for you.

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