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So this is a bit of tricky situation especially depending what niche you may be wanting to go into food (vegetarian/vegan/BBQ/Mexican/Korean food etc etc). So I’ll give you the basic framework I utilize for most of my food instagramers/youtuber clients.

So initially before you get started, you’ll want to do a SWOT table. This is a pretty basic framework people use in business and in marketing but I find it really works when you’re starting up.

Get a piece of paper and “objectively” write down the following

-Your “Internal Strengths”
-Your “Internal Weaknesses”
-Your “External Opportunities”
-Your “External Threats”

So for example (and I’m going to use my friend, Robert, [not real name]), one of Robert’s internal strengths was he was a professional chef who owned a food truck. It’s his business. He owns it. His internal weaknesses was that he was the owner and had to do it all himself, food prep, cooking, the management of the business and felt he did not have “time” to dedicate to starting his own social presence. An external opportunity (and this was pre-COVID) at the time was that the city of LA was looking for vendors for an upcoming music festival. An external weaknesses was that he was in a moderately saturated food niche (Mexican).

Use this same framework for yourself. Maybe you’re a great cook and that’s really cool. However, you have to acknowledge your own weaknesses as well. Maybe you’re an okay photography and that’s an opportunity to practice more food photography. Maybe you’d like to get into doing instructional cooking videos but you’re editing skills are non-existent.

This also helps you objectively take stock of your skill set and examine potential opportunities and the competition surround yourself (not just the overwhelming amount of influencers).

After doing this, then you can sort of examine yourself and figure out what you’d like to do next.

Instagram is a heavily visual medium as it is. Your photography/videography skills have to be on par with the professionals. Food is a highly visual thing as well. People want to eat good looking food. So if your images are “off” or the final product doesn’t look good enough to eat, you’re missing your audience.

You also want to make sure you’re utilizing at least one of the three E’s of content. It either has to be

Or Enlightening

For the content to attract people. Ideally you want to use all three but if you’re unsure, just try one and see which one you prefer or find working for you.

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