Would it be a waste to use PPC to build an email list where I’d recommend affiliate products?

Forum White Hat SEO PPC Would it be a waste to use PPC to build an email list where I’d recommend affiliate products?

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    I see competitors who have tens of thousands of email subscribers, even hundreds of thousands. I’m almost positive they’re making money but I never see ads just to get people on an email list.

    I’m in a fast moving and highly in demand niche.

    I’m getting some traffic to my site but would like to get it to grow faster if possible but u dont want to throw thousands down the toilet either…

    Seems like a waste to spend thousands on building an email list just for $15 affiliate commissions but short term losses would be worth it in the long run maybe?

    I just assume theres a reason I dont see people doing it..


    There doing it, you just are not going to be able to do it and make money unless you really figure out how to run your ads, particularly by setting up display campaigns and hyper-targeting key websites that you know have your targeted buyers on them but yes it certainly can work.

    Not only do you know how to hyper target your audience but you also got to know how to have a very very good lead generating ad to suck out the demand from that target site to get people on your list.

    It also certainly helps to have a very very good email newsletter as anything else your doing above does not work also without it.

    If you are looking for advanced display advertising strategies that can get you subscribers for as low as around $3 a subscriber which is certainly possible and have seen it done plenty of times, check out my ppc blog and book as it has the best information about it that I know of anywhere else, its why I wrote it. :). *There’s also plenty of examples of things like that being done on my blog.*


    More common that I see people doing though is people putting out organic content AND THEN remarketing users who view that content, whether that be YouTube or on a personal/company blog as that is something if your not doing it now ABSOLUTELY should be in the strategy you have now, regarding of anything else your doing right now to get there.

    So yes you can do PPC to get those subscribers, and you can also do remarketing ads to make whatever you are doing to get them in there work even better *albeit it being done correct of course.*

    **If you don’t get it right right away, keep at it as its all just a process of elimination once you get into it and have the right tracking installed on your campaign to see what is working to produce a cheap subscriber and what is not.**


    If you are going to build an email list, screw affiliate marketing. You’ll make a lot more money faster by selling your own products to your own list.


    Yes, because those emails will get flagged as spam ASAP.

    If you don’t have a business, you don’t have anything to advertise.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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