Working as a Freelancer SEO alone versus working for an SEO agency versus working for a company as full time SEO ?

Forum White Hat SEO Working as a Freelancer SEO alone versus working for an SEO agency versus working for a company as full time SEO ?

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    I am finding working as a freelancer SEO for multiple clients very exhausting .

    Do companies actually hire full time SEOs because I think if one has to manage a single business he or she can be lot more productive.

    What you people prefer while working as SEO from above three ?

    Any insights or tips from all senior members here are appreciated.


    I prefer working for an agency. Team members to work from, diverse clients, access to great tools.

    I worked in house for 7 years, it was great owning projects from end to end – from the idea to implementation to seeing results.

    I honestly liked both but I’ve grown more with an agency.


    LinkedIn makes it seem like lots of US companies are hiring in-house staff, especially this year while advertising budgets were slashed. That said, I can’t speak to how much fully-remote hiring or off-shoring is going to increase.

    I’ve worked both in-house and agency side and unless you work for a small company that doesn’t really need a full-time resource, I find them to be largely the same experience at a junior level. There’s no “end” to SEO, so there should always be more work to do whether it’s for clients or your employer. That’s why I prefer working on a team, so we have an exchange of ideas and strengths/weaknesses that support each other.


    Hi, I am a freelance content writer. Maybe you should create your own site?

    it might make more sense. You would write for your own project for 1 year and then you would migrate and work there as an internal SEO?


    Niche down. 4-5 x $2500 = $$$


    Three months ago I was working for myself.

    Now it’s 6 people and a lot of new prospects and employees we can bring on – we just keep running out of days of the week.

    I would not have it any other way, one of my students grew his income up by like 8x, and burnt out and lost it all bc he was doing it all himself.


    When you’re freelancer
    %80 money but %20 work
    When you’re Agency worker
    %20 money but %80 work


    I’m still confused….

    Working for agency means you have to Handel lot of work more than your capacity.

    Working alone means no team which you gonna miss a lot when you stuck with some issues.


    I started working as a freelancer but have grown it into an agency. My view is that SEO is so multi faceted you must have a team to be successful.

    Since it’s a combination of a writer, designer and developer working together it’s hard to provide all those services as an individual, atleast at a high level.


    I rather work in a warehouse than do Agency SEO work again. At least for the Agency I worked for. It deteriorated my mental health.


    I live in Canada and started SEO in a firm in 2000. I worked there for 5 years before starting my own SEO firm. Within 2 years I had a client that wanted to hire me full time. So I took that job.

    Biggest mistake in my life. I worked there 3 years before I finally had had enough and quit.

    It started out fine enough – my job was SEO and getting corporate sites ranking. I was doing well at it too. But then the scope of my job began to change. First it was small stuff – covering the phones when the receptionist was out for break, for example (it was a small company – 3 office staff, owner and about a dozen salespeople).

    but as time went on I started doing less and less SEO and more and more other stuff – helping salespeople when their computers had problems, more and more office duties. Supervising a few people on other tasks.

    I wasn’t happy and knew it so quit the job and went back to full time self-employement. THAT was the best decision I ever made as my first month back I made more money than my last month working for the client. My income only went up from there.

    So for the past 12 or so years I’ve been exclusively full time self employed and I will NEVER go back to work for someone else.

    I can tell you that it was stressful at times. Leaving to work for myself a second time, knowing that I did struggle when I first started out weighed on my mind a lot. But once my client list started growing and finances started to get better I became more comfortable.

    Now I work maybe 15 hours per week, make more money than I ever have and have the time to do other side projects, some of which are beginning to really take off.

    I think I won’t really ever “quit” doing SEO – just modifying what I do.


    I work sort of a hybrid model now.

    I’m still with an agency, but I’m on profit share instead of salary, and I set my own hours/agenda.

    Currently at my lowest stress point in a while, and making the best money I have in years. Downside is that there isn’t much pushing me to learn anything new, so that could come back to bite me in time. But overall, I love the current setup.

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