Why is social media becoming so bad?

Forum White Hat SEO Social Media Why is social media becoming so bad?

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    Is it just me or have all of these big 4 become worse and worse over the years?

    And now it’s just insane. All the spam, fake accounts, advertisements, confusing privacy settings, uninteresting alerts(instagram), time wasting reels etc etc etc


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    Yeah, social media has been on a steady decline over the years. I actually think confirmation bias followed by topics placed to intentionally trigger a response is the main source of the collective feeling that long time social media users are feeling. If you are a social media old head, it actually served a purpose back in the day. It was a true connection point and not just a forum for to share memes, conspiracy theories and hate.

    A thought while typing this… I met some really cool people online that became actual friends prior to the changes that happened. I guess you can’t have people making real connections on free social media sites when online match making is such a big business…


    I think that almost any free platform on the internet eventually gets corrupted by advertisers, marketers, scammers, groups of power users, etc

    social media is maturing and it’s not all pretty


    Well, yeah, you’re right. That’s why we have to be mindful of our social media usage.

    Social media is so powerful that sometimes it even controls our mood and our perception of reality. But we can’t deny the fact that it is useful, as well — in businesses, connecting people, spreading warnings during calamities, in raising funds for organization etc.

    After all, social media is just a tool. We should be the master that controls it, instead of the other way around.


    You are also getting older.
    You wrote about the decline of social media on a social media platform.
    Maybe the big ones aren’t for you, but Reddit.

    Maybe YouTube? Discord? TikTok?


    Humans gonna human


    I was on facebook for a while and just got fed up with the censorship and the bans they give you for just writing a comment and yeah there to many ads and spammers good thing is I deleted the account ages ago.


    Inflated with bots and spam accounts. Need to pay for your content to be seen by said bots. Government has 0 clue that fake accounts exist on a mass scale and will never keep these companies accountable. Rinse & repeat.


    They absolutely have, and it’s an extension of what the Internet has become in some parts.

    People first used social media to share their lives with friends. Then that extended to sharing with strangers to grow an audience. Then the networks themselves took over the algorithms to turn them into money-making machines.

    I would kill at this point to just have a place where I could look at food friends made for dinner, because a reposted political meme followed by 2 ads and another ad makes it a terrible experience.
    I do feel like I’m using them less these days, which is a good thing considering I’m always complaining about not having enough free time.


    That’s because ur not the customer


    paid advertisements + people constantly fishing for likes and followers. It will happen to TikTok soon enough as well.


    I think that’s because everyone try to follow some “rules”… Post 3 times/week, don’t do that, do that, use this kind of pics… Instead, we need to go back on the start, and remember primary reason why we should use SM…
    Plus, you don’t have any chance against accounts who have big budget for contents.


    My dad got addicted to facebook . Using it at night , while eating and during breaks at office . He is using it for few hours a day on average .


    I’ve grown weary of social media over the years, esp Instagram. I feel that IG has purposely killed discoverability, so businesses are forced to pay for advertising.

    During the pandemic, I started to spend time on Tiktok. At first I didn’t “get” it. I re-visited it months later, and became completely addicted. The algorithm is incredible – any good video has the potential of going viral. Tiktok began showing me videos that aligned with my interests in ways I couldn’t even imagine. I was endlessly entertained. It pains me to think that eventually, Tiktok will fall into the same money-grubbing ad trap that FB and IG have become.

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 15 total)
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