Why do you think anonymous social apps like Yik yak and swiftlie fell apart?

Forum White Hat SEO Social Media Why do you think anonymous social apps like Yik yak and swiftlie fell apart?

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    I miss Yik Yak and Swiflie because they were apps that helped me through my depression. I’m planning to build an anonymous social apps and would like to learn the pros and cons of such apps!


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    Yik Yak was great when it was anonymous like they said.

    They then started adding profiles
    as a choice and then made them mandatory

    Yik Yak also was built around “anonymity” which then went out the window, so I guess sticking to what they are built around is one big thing to stay around


    Business model can’t support it. You need to sell ads as a social media but if users are anonymous then ads can’t be catered to user. That means ads aren’t very valuable to advertisers


    Google “Yik Yak lawsuit” and you’ll get a lot of relevant content that could help you.


    Whisper is still around. Unfortunately that format brings out the ugliest sides of humanity.


    In Germany (and I think Israel or some unrelated country) they use Jodel, you should google it. They cloned it from YikYak but are still quite successful. They managed to build a business model ( though the growth was/is slow) and got their main audience in Students as it is ‘Hyperlocal’

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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