What’s the Ideal Number of Characters for SEO Title & Meta Description for a Website Page in Google Search ?

Forum White Hat SEO What’s the Ideal Number of Characters for SEO Title & Meta Description for a Website Page in Google Search ?

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    I have an E-commerce website of Shopify . Shopify suggests to add up to 70 characters in SEO Title & 320 in meta description. However Google only shows 60 characters of SEO title & 160 characters of meta description i guess. Now i am confused like what do i do ! Do i add maximum number of characters that Shopify suggests or be stick with the number of characters google actually shows in Search ?

    My assumption is , both have its advantage and disadvantage (not sure though) Advantage is, By adding the maximum characters shopify suggests, i get the opportunity to add more keywords unlike sticking with number of characters that google actually shows. However adding more characters than the number of characters google showing up, it makes title & description unorganized & unprofessional. What’s Your Thoughts my SEO folks?


    Use shopify suggestions as more words you have in your meta desc more it will show for different search results.


    As with most things in SEO, the correct answer is…’it depends’. META Description is not really an SEO thing as it is more a marketing thing. You create a meta description based on what best translates to actual traffic. You can test this through A/B testing, using Amazon’s Mechanical Turk and a varied array of other ways.

    SEO Title (i’m assuming to actual Title and not META Title), depends on niche and targeted keyword phrase). You can often get a good idea of what a page’s Title should be by looking at the desired keyword phrase to rank for and what your direct competitors’ are using for their Titles.


    Google has control over meta title and description.sometimes Google will take characters exceeding 60bcharacters in title based on search query.just look to improve CTR rather than stuffing keywords in title and meta description.give users reason to click .just stick with few keywords and optimize it based on data you receive.


    We always go by 50-60 for the title, 20-70 in the header, and up to 155 for the meta. The most important thing is to optimize for user experience. If you are cramming your meta description with keywords it won’t matter unless the description is enticing and giving the user the information they need to make a decision.


    Google doesn’t show meta title and description based on characters but pixels. That means it really depends on how “wide” characters you are using are.
    For description it can be somewhere from 120-158 characters (920px) for desktop, and 120 characters (680px) on mobile.
    Title limit is up to 600px.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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