What’s going on with my TikTok views?

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    So my friends and I have a collective TikTok account. About three weeks ago, we had a video go viral (over 600K views as of this post) and gained over 3K new followers. We’ve posted pretty consistently since then, and while not all of our videos are going viral, they’re getting a much higher average view count.

    However, a couple of our most recent videos have been dead on arrival. They struggle to break 100 views in 24 hours. I’m aware TikTok boosts creators at the beginning to see if they gain an audience, but we already have a decent-sized audience and they aren’t seeing our videos. We’ve tried changing the captions/hashtags, uploading at different times of day, but we cannot seem to get our newer videos to gain any traction. Is there any potential reasoning behind this? Any help is greatly appreciated.


    Do your vids get on fyp


    I read they changed the alghoritm again, it’s so hard now to get 1k views.


    exact same thing happened to me. i don’t have many followers, but my vids always did well, usually getting at minimum 300 views with some of the more popular ones hitting 5k and up. all of a sudden it’s nothing. i get about 5 views an hour. as far as i can tell i haven’t changed anything about my content. old content is still doing well and i’m still getting followers but all my vids from the past 5 or so days are tanking


    Me too! I have a video that got 21k views before but lately all im getting is like between 100-400 views even tho the engagement is good, and I keep seeing the same vids over and over again on my fyp which I just find strange.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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