What’s best practice (if any) when it comes to sharing the same content across dozens of Facebook & Instagram business pages?

Forum White Hat SEO Social Media What’s best practice (if any) when it comes to sharing the same content across dozens of Facebook & Instagram business pages?

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    Hi all! So my wife and I run a small content agency for small business accountants. We have 120+ clients who subscribe to use our e-newsletter articles for their clients.

    Recently I’ve been getting more and more requests from our clients to move into the social media space. I put out an expression of interest for this new service last week and 50 clients wrote back saying they wanted it. Great! But how best to do it?

    The back-of-the-napkin idea is to create 2 short & sharp informative posts each week, each featuring an eye-catching image and no more than 75-200 words.

    Now, I know it’s technically feasible for my clients to add me as an Editor on their FB Business page, which can be connected to Instagram. And I have a VA who can do the bulk of that grunt work, including tweaking the CTA for each client.

    But will posting this much identical content across up to 40-50 accounts get me flagged as a spammer? And is there a better way to do it? (I know there are quite a few apps out there that can semi-automate this, is there one that’s better than the others? Some clients also want to post the content in Google My Business, too).

    I’ve also been informed that Facebook’s algorithms will pretty quickly identify each post as duplicate content and not give it a very good run at all. Any way around this? ‘Boosting’ each post by a few dollars, perhaps?

    Just to confirm: while the content will be duplicated, it will be informative, not overly-clickbaity, and I will be the original creator.

    My accountant clients are also spread out across the country and each have different page followers, so there’s very little chance the content will be seen by the same person twice.

    Would love it if you could poke some holes in the idea above and perhaps point me in the direction of a solution or two.

    Thanks in advance! 🙂


    Facebook very much does not like this, it will be flagged back to your account and you and likely any account your posting from will forever see a drop in reach.

    There’s not really any way around it.
    Make content unique for each audience. Or they’re paying you to produce nothing of value.


    Congrats on the interest. First question that rang off is if the plan was only for organic content or if there’s a paid budget?

    If it’s organic, I feel like you might be holding a sign in a dark room. Two short posts really isn’t enough to move the needle. Take the money if they’ll pay it, I guess, but I’d be concerned about success metrics.

    And that’s really where this begins and ends. What will they think is successful, and does your content achieve that? What value would you prove these weekly posts provide?

    Otherwise, are you considering the right platform for the service? Aside from FB’s troubles, are your clients better served on LinkedIn, for example.

    For your other questions, I can’t give you a hard yes on being flagged as a spammer, but the logic concerning you is sound. Might also have an adverse effect on search, but I’m not the qualified voice there.

    My other concern is if the volume compromises the quality. You seem confident that it’ll be okay and automated, but you’re going to need a real social strat to do it well.


    The 80 page deck by garyvee


    Where did you get your back of the napkin idea? Did you survey them? Or just assume you knew what they meant when they said they “wanted you to move into SM”? Do you know their expectations are consistent enough to under pin a new service? Do you have any sense for their spend-expectations? Do they really want SEO or do they really mean PPC?


    Make 30 pieces of content, and just don’t share them all at the same time for every client. By that I mean, share piece A for clients 1-10 in the first week of July and share piece Z for clients 11-20 in the first week of July. Does that make sense?

    I recommend calling up sprout or buffer to get a huge account for yourself so that you can schedule everything on your side.

    Good luck! I think it’s doable you just have to get creative.


    maybe yext can handle this for posting to that many profiles? i know they do fb + gmb but not sure what else. you can also hook business owners on an upsell of local listing management and charge them the cost plus some or a per month rate. that covers the service and nets you additional profit.

    easy to manage, your admin can do it.



    Your organic reach on pages is 2% so you won’t lose too much.

    Everyone, do you think this workaround can work?

    Use IFTTT. it’s free automation service. You can link all those Facebook pages and when you post to one it’ll automatically post to all.
    You can use schedule posts on Facebook for the first page.

    Second workaround would be that you write a blog post and set up for each client to be automatically shared on Facebook when they post to their blog.

    I have many ideas if you need help give me a shout

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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