What to do with old Instagram account with good traffic?

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    Hey all!
    I own an Instagram account that I started in high school that has since accrued roughly 55k followers. It is a gaming / tech news based Instagram account. Although I have been mostly inactive the last few years, I posted recently just to see if I still have consistent engagement and traffic. People are still engaging with regular posts and any stories I post and it got me thinking that someone could still utilize the traffic of this account. I wanted to figure out a way to make money off this account being that its just basically sitting there and I’m not using it. If I started focusing on the account more again, how would I go about trying to make ad revenue from it? I’ve explore the option of selling the account but where would I go to do that and how do I begin to put a value on it? Any advice is appreciated.


    Make a blog and promote it with your IG put Google Adsense on it to make some money


    Affiliate marketing would be a good option, especially within that niche. You could do stories with a swipe up link or static posts directing people to purchase through your bio link. It’s more difficult to get accepted into affiliate programs without a domain but it can be done.


    Do affiliate marketing ConvertCreator.com pays lifelong commision for each client.
    Blue host as well, and tons of good stuff on Clickbank


    Put in your bio that you are open to paid promos/shoutouts.

    Grow it to 100k followers then you can DM me cause I buy shoutouts for a living (I represent brands)


    Reach out brands and ask them you can promote their brand on your profile which has 55k followers. Make sure the brand should have product related to gaming/tech so they will be more intreasted.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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