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    I have an unusual name and a somewhat public job. There are a few pictures of me out there from events in which I don’t like how I look. I want to push them down and replace them at the top with 4-5 more attractive images of me. I don’t want it to look super spammy or artificial. Like if these better pictures were all on Yelp profiles, it would seem weird. It’s ok if they look somewhat random, like how it seems everything winds up on Pinterest.

    What is this service called and how do I ask for it on Fiverr? Thanks!




    You’re looking for a service called reputation management. I wouldn’t trust Fiverr to this.


    Hey man, what you want done (reputation management) can be done through Fiverr, but not directly. You’re not going to buy a Fiverr gig for ‘reputation management’ and expect any decent results. You’ll need to purchase a few Fiverr gigs that do image upload, social profile upload etc and tell these service providers what you exactly want. I’ve done a couple of times and it takes a month or so to kick in.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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