What is your SEO process that actually provides ROI?

Forum White Hat SEO What is your SEO process that actually provides ROI?

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    When you’re providing SEO as a service to businesses, it seems that nobody really cares about increased page ranks or traffic. They care about the return on investment (ROI); how much money your service makes for them.

    For those of you who do SEO as a business, what is your SEO process that actually provides an ROI for your clients?


    I ensure a UX Audit and conversion optimisation plan is implemented first.

    There’s no way ROI can be truthfully measured if a company invests in traffic, but not what can be done with it when it lands.


    Go with correlation mixed with lead attribution.

    For example, how many website leads were they converting before your service? And, assuming you’re the only shift, how much after?

    Same with traffic. If you have a reasonable expectation with how many quality eyeballs you can get on content with a known conversion rate, then you can confidently say how many will become a lead if B2B.

    From there, it’s up to the company to convert — but they always overestimate their conversion rates, so they’ll accept the lead count.


    Always find a way to measure the revenue-driving actions on a site. Even if you’re rebuilding GTM tracking from scratch. I also make it clear that my job as SEO is to get you ideal leads. It’s sales’ job to convert them.

    It usually takes a few months to have enough data to calculate, but I typically take conversion rates on their KPIs, multiply that by their traffic to give the client an estimate of leads they can expect over time. It requires more time and tracking to see how many leads turn into full clients.

    FYI this is in financial services, so lead to close is a longer process than many other industries.


    For me, I think the one that makes the most difference is keywords. Its very basic, but most clients don’t have enough focus on the relevant keywords on their site, so Google does not know how to index them.

    Just a little focus and matchup with title and content for example, for us, always seems to churn out our the best ROI results, bang for buck.


    I have not worked with clients. But doing, so I would select clients with potential.


    Wow. This is the whole point of SEO, to make an ROI. No one is going to give away their secrets.

    But I teach the basics, show the leads to cash results. Virtually all the companies and SEO freelancers I teach just don’t do the fundamentals right.


    ROI is specific to each client. For some it’s easy – sales. For non-ecomm sites it can be more difficult.

    Some options we’ve tried in the past is to assign a value to forms submitted (for example) or click to call links. But those aren’t the most accurate metrics.

    All to often I find clients don’t even know where their clients came from. Only a handful of mine actually ask how someone found them, and in most cases it’s “online”. But when you press them – was it Google? Facebook ad? LinkedIn? They of course don’t know because the customer doesn’t remember.

    And that leads to my next point – most modern marketing requires multiple touch points. Someone may have seen an ad on Facebook, but searched google to find more info, viewed some reviews on the business, browsed their other social media before finally visiting the site.

    So how do you assign a value to all those touchpoints? Or even determine if those different paths exist?


    I work with a Magento e-commerce. To me ROI comes from on-site SEO, content marketing and ads.


    Return on Investment (ROI) is what every client wants from a search marketing agency. It’s an easy thing to calculate if you’re doing Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising. If your revenue is higher than your spend, PPC management fees and cost of goods, then your client is getting a return on their investment.

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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